Not all home staging is created equally. We were lucky enough to have photos of the same house staged both by another stager, whom we will call Stager "X", and by Spade and Archer. 

Note, when the house was staged by Spade and Archer, it sold for $30,000 over the asking price, in less than 5 days. 

Use the slide bar to see each room staged before by Stager "X" and after by "Spade and Archer".

ABOVE: Partial staging is the name of the game for Stager "X". The two lone chairs do not make it easy for a family of four to see them selves actually sitting in this room. 

ABOVE: This house has four bedrooms which means that very often four or more people will be using this dining room. Not only is Stager "X's" dining set too small for the room, it does not serve the needs of the potential family that might buy this house. 

ABOVE: If this room is to be used for rhythmic gymnastics on a regular basis than "Stager X" nailed it! There's lots of open space to practice that round off back handspring. 

ABOVE: Funny how Stager "X's" smaller blow up bed sitting on the floor makes this room look even smaller than it is. 

ABOVE: Stager "X's" single piece of sad artwork makes potential buyers feel lonely just looking at. 

ABOVE: In Stager "X's" version, this room is used for storing your shopping bags and hat boxes. Isn't that what closets are for? 

ABOVE: Both projects show this space as a potential office. Which one would you rather work in? 

ABOVE: Many stagers, including Stager "X" don't provide outdoor furniture. Spade and Archer does.