10 Questions to test your home staging expertise...

So… you think you know your stuff? Well, let’s see if you can ace this quiz on correctly preparing a home for market. 


1. Home staging is designed for...

A. The seller
B. The real estate agent
C. The buyer
D. All of the above

Many people might believe home staging is designed for the seller or the real estate agent. However, the correct answer is (C) the buyer. The buyer is the only customer in this situation and thus we design for the buyer


2. Home staging should always be…

A. Aspiration
B. Obtainable
C. Psychological
D. Both aspirational and obtainable

Many people may believe home staging should always be psychological. The truth is that home staging should always be (D) both aspirational and obtainable. Potential buyers should both feel the house is beautiful and that they could create the same effect with their own furnishings.



3. Prior to listing a property, window coverings…

A. Should be removed completely and patched
B. Should be left in place opened
C. Should be removed except hardware
D. Should be left in place and closed

While you may love your blinds, curtains, and shades, prior to listing a property, window coverings (A) should be removed completely and patched. Window coverings left in place only serve to block light and views. Take them down.


4. The only way to tell if a stager is legit is if they have these letters after their name…

D. None of the above

All of the accreditations above have a pass/fail rate of 100%. If all potential home stagers pass the test, all of the time, then the accreditation means nothing. Thus the answer is (D) None of the above. The only way to tell if a home stager is legit is to review their work and interview them. 


5. The best interior finishes for selling houses are…

A. Expensive
B. Colorful
C. Neutral
D. All of the above

Expensive and colorful interior finishes are NOT good for selling houses at all. Instead, choose  (C) neutral interior finishes. Neutral finishes make it the easiest for the buyer to move in.



6. To get a good home staging initial consultation, I should be willing to pay my home stager…

A. $0
B. $150 to $300
C. $300 to $500
D. $500 or more

How much should you pay a potential home stager to get a good home staging consultation? The answer is (A) $0. If your home stager is charging you to sell you their services, fire them.


7. The following items should never be used in home staging…

A. Fake plants
B. Blow up mattresses
C. Fake flat screen televisions
D. All of the above

When staging a home, NEVER use fake plants, blow up mattresses, or fake flat-screen televisions. The answer is (D) All of the above. Fakery only serves to reinforce the idea that this space is fake and thus, unobtainable.


8. The only purpose of home staging is to…

A. Add light to each room
B. Show the scale of each room
C. Define the purpose of each room
D. All of the above

The purpose of home staging is to add light to each room, show the scale of each room, and define the purpose of each room. Thus the answer is (D) All of the above. These are the only things home staging should do. Any more and any less and you’ve missed the mark.



9. Home staging is closest to…

A. Magic
B. Interior design
C. Visual Merchandising
D. Women’s gymnastics

Home staging is closest to (C) visual merchandising. Visual merchandising and home staging are both mainly aimed at selling a product.


10. Using one color story per room in home staging…

A. Is pretty
B. Helps buyers recall and discuss each room
C. Makes rooms look bigger
D. Looks lazy

Using one color story per room in home staging (B) helps buyers recall and discuss each room. After leaving a house, couples can easily discuss and recall the green office or blue master bedroom.


So, how’d you do?

Are you a home staging expert? Or will you need a little extra help when the time comes to put your home on the market? Learn more about Spade and Archer’s aspirational and obtainable home staging services or book a consult to meet with us in person.