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Spade and Archer

1107 N Kilpatrick St.
Portland, OR 97217

Ph: (503) 841-7506
Email: portland@spade-archer.com

Since 2009, Spade and Archer has provided Portland home staging services that are both aspirational and obtainable.

Our team has: 

  • 100+ years of combined interior design and Portland home staging experience
  • Built an extensive library of eclectic home furnishings, artwork, and accessories
  • LEED AP certification and a commitment to environmentally conscious business practices
  • The ability to make the home staging process as simple and seamless as possible

At Spade and Archer, we stage Portland homes to make your buyer to walk in and say two: 

  1. "I have no idea who lives here...."
  2. "But, it has to be me."

If they do, we've won the game. If they walk into your house and say "What a nicely staged house." then we have failed. A nicely staged house simply looks fake. Portland homes staged by Spade and Archer sell faster and for a higher price because they bridge the gap between aspirational and obtainable.

★★★★★ “We hired Spade and Archer to stage our house in NE Portland. They were smart, respectful, timely, and professional. They staged our house as if very stylish--but REAL--people lived there. We received an offer many thousands over the asking price in one day.”

Jamie L. on Google+ in Portland, Oregon





We believe good design cannot exist in the absence of good service. When staged by Spade and Archer, homes appear both aspirational and obtainable to prospective buyers. We pay careful attention to the smallest details and help prospective buyers imagine their real life in their new home.

Bear in mind, our home staging services are not designed for you, but rather for your home’s buyer. As our founder, Justin M. Riordan says, "Of all the people in the world that might buy this home, you are not one of them."  

Remember, homes in Portland staged by Spade and Archer accept offers 87% faster because they:

  • Help buyers to understand the purpose and scale of every room
  • Highlight strengths and hide weaknesses
  • Make your home stand out in the minds of potentially overwhelmed buyers




Vacant home staging provides our most effective service. If your home will be vacant and unoccupied when it is ready to be sold, then vacant home staging will be the best choice and offers the best value for Portland homeowners. This service includes all furniture, accessories, art, and linens needed to stage your home, as well as a custom home staging design.










Enhancement staging makes the best use of your and our furnishings, art, accessories and linens.

Best For: Occupied properties that are not completely furnished.

Rearrange staging makes use of your home’s existing furnishings and accessories.

Best For: Fully-furnished properties that will be occupied when on the market.

Vacation rental staging includes complete interior and exterior furnishing of the home.

Best For: Preparing a home to be marketed as a long term vacation rental.



★★★★★ “Spade and Archer has truly mastered the art of staging... Not only are they capable of turning otherwise forgettable rooms into beautiful living spaces, but each of their associates is such a pleasure to work with. No other staging company compares in terms of both process and aesthetic. They know exactly how to interact with clients, they install to absolute perfection, and they coordinate everything with such ease that from the moment an appointment is booked, I know I can trust them to handle the rest. I cannot recommend them highly enough and after working with multiple companies in the Portland area, I can confidently say Spade and Archer is the best!”

Megan E. on Google+ in Portland, Oregon








★★★★★ “Staging a vacant home is absolutely the best way to make sure it generates buyer enthusiasm which translates to less days on market and a higher contract sales price. The design aesthetic of these VERY talented people is such that spaces are transformed to their most appealing and attractive essences.”

Tom C. on Google+ in Portland, Oregon