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Spade and Archer

3635 E Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA 98134

Ph: (206) 351-7150
Email: seattle@spade-archer.com

Spade and Archer has provided aspirational and obtainable Seattle home staging services since 2009.

Our team has: 

  • Over 100 years of combined Seattle home staging and interior design experience.
  • Curated an eclectic library of home furnishings, artwork, and accessories.
  • LEED AP certification and a commitment to environmentally conscious business practices.
  • A commitment to a seamless and simple home staging process.

Spade and Archer stages Seattle homes to ensure your buyer walks in and says: 

"I have no idea who lives here.... but, it has to be me."

If they say that, we’ve won the game. If they walk in thinking that it is a beautifully staged home, than we have not done a good enough job. A nicely staged house simply looks fake. 

Spade and Archer helps sell homes faster and for a higher price by bridging the gap between aspirational and obtainable.

★★★★★ “Spade and Archer has transformed the Seattle staging market. Each listing of mine they stage not only looks and feels impeccable; the homes sell for more than we anticipate. This is done through their art of storytelling without words. When you walk into a property staged by Spade and Archer, you immediately FEEL it. Their style is flexible for each property, they have an elevated level of service and process I appreciate and they are TRUE PROFESSIONALS!”

Derek D. on Google+ in Seattle, Washington



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We believe good design cannot exist in the absence of good service. Homes staged by Spade and Archer appear both aspirational and obtainable to prospective buyers. The smallest details get our undivided attention and allow prospective buyers to imagine their day-to-day lives in their new home.

Spade and Archer’s home staging services are not designed for you, but but for your home’s buyer. As our founder, Justin M. Riordan says, "Of all the people in the world that might buy this home, you are not one of them."  

Remember, homes in Seattle staged by Spade and Archer accept offers 87% faster because we:

  • Allow buyers to understand the purpose and scale of every room.
  • Highlight strengths and hide weaknesses.
  • Help your home stick out in the minds of overwhelmed buyers.



Vacant home staging

Our most effective home staging is vacant home staging. If your home will be empty and unoccupied when it's ready for sale, vacant home staging offers the most effective solution at the best value for Seattle home buyers.

This service includes:

  • All furniture and accessories
  • Art
  • Linens
  • Custom home staging design



Rearrange Staging

Spade and Archer will make use of the furnishings and accessories already in your home.

Best For: Fully-furnished properties that will be occupied when on the market.



Enhancement Staging

This mixed service will make use of your existing furnishings, art, accessories and linens, but also pull from our collection of home furnishings.

Best For: Occupied properties that are not completely furnished.



Vacation Rental Staging

Spade and Archer will fully furnish the interior and exterior for your vacation rental home.

Best For: Preparing a home to be marketed as a long-term vacation rental.



★★★★★ "Game changer getting top dollar for sellers!!! They are in a league of their own of staging companies. After 12 years in real estate, I finally have found a company that exudes excellence, class, professionalism-- and they're fun to work with. Sellers and prospective buyers, both, rave about how THIS staging differentiates the home from others on the market. I am a HUGE fan!"

Nancy C. on Google+ in Seattle, Washington








★★★★★ "Gorgeous design, with a fresh and localized contemporary look that is very Northwest in feel. The staging service is impeccable, and the design looks so natural in any home. I love the unique pieces and cool theme throughout each staging job, which really fits with each house, tailored to the specific site. Kudos to Spade and Archer for providing a thoughtful setting. Totally original and refreshing!"

Leah P. on Google+ in Seattle, Washington