WhY Stage?


Listing a property turns a home owner into a business owner with one product to sell: the house. A listing team will include a sales consultant (the real estate agent) and a visual merchandiser (the home stager). The home stager works diligently to create a compelling space for the real estate agent to sell by:

  • Neutralizing the property both visually and emotionally to allow buyers to see themselves at home in the space

  • Merchandising your home to accentuate the positive aspects and minimize the negative items

  • Creating a standout listing allowing the real estate agent to properly market the house to the correct demographic

With a professional home stager, the seller can avoid listing just another property lost in a sea of mediocrity.


• Ideal buyers see a beautifully staged listing online and share it with their agent, generating higher turn outs for open houses and showings.

• Visitors experience the thoughtfully staged home, easily imagine living in it and become emotionally attached.

• Emotional attachment to the gracefully staged home motivates buyers to take action and submit a bid.

• More bids lead to competition which drives up the selling price.

• The perfectly staged home sells faster and with higher offers than un-staged homes on the market.


Aspirational - We believe design should inspire buyers.

Obtainable - We believe design should make buyers feel at home.

Thoughtful - We believe design should be tailored for the needs of the future buyer.

Graceful - We believe design should be seamlessly implemented in one day.

Beautiful- We believe design should create a standout listing.

Service - We believe good design cannot exist in the absence of good service.

What is Guaranteed Home Staging?

Guaranteed staging is just that. GUARANTEED! Either it works and your house sells, or it does not and you pay nothing. Spade and Archer has turned the home staging industry on its head by removing all of the risk from our clients’ backs. Guaranteed is full house staging for an unlimited amount of time at one fixed price. With just a small deposit of $750 to hold a date, your home will be perfectly staged for as long as it takes to get it completely sold. The remainder of payment comes from closing once the house is sold. Say good-bye to endless monthly rental bills, risking early destages and crippling debt. Say hello to Guaranteed by Spade and Archer.

Watch a quick video here to find out more…

What is Pay-Up-Front Home Staging?

Pay-up-front staging is the traditional form of paying for staging. It starts with an initial fee to cover:

  • The labor of installation

  • The first months rent

  • The labor for removal

Each month after that, an additional fee is paid to rent the furniture. There are no refunds or guarantees. If the house does not sell, the fees are still paid. Every other home stager in the world uses some variation of this system.

What is the Difference between Guaranteed and Pay-up-front?

The difference is simple and it all comes down to risk.

  • With Pay-Up-Front, the seller takes on all the risk, they pay whether the house sells or not.

  • With Guaranteed, Spade and Archer takes on all of the risk. If the house does not sell, the seller pays nothing… zero, zip, nada.

Where are we in the process?

- Consultation: We meet with you to discuss the scope of work for your project.

- Pricing: We email you pricing in a .pdf format.

- Hold Date: Should you decide to move forward, we would love to place a free, two business day hold on a staging date for you. Please feel free to contact me and we can find a date that works. Please keep in mind we tend to book up two weeks in advance, so be sure to call early. 

- Contract Form: Once we have a staging date held we will need to create a contract. In order to do this, simply click here and fill out the form.

- Contract Signature: Once we have the contract information from you we will create a completed contract and email it to you though Docusign. Simply click the document and electronically sign the contact. This can even be done on your smart phone. SIDE NOTE: For Guaranteed projects, you will also receive a certified letter via US mail from us with “right to lien” information, we are required by law to send this to you. Please be sure to read this information carefully. No further action is required from you. 

- Deposit or payment: We will require deposits (for Guaranteed projects) or payment and deposits (for standard projects) in full, in order to secure the hold date. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards and checks. To use a credit card: We will send you a separate email from our credit card processor, “Square”, you can even pay your deposit invoice directly on your smart phone. To pay a Square invoice, begin by clicking “Pay Invoice” in the invoice notification email. Be aware these emails often land in the “spam” folder, please look there for them as well. If you would like to send a check, just let us know and we can keep an eye out for it.

- Access Information: Keys for the above mentioned project will need to be on site prior to our arrival times. We suggest the use of a combination lock box.  Unfortunately, pick up and delivery of keys at alternate locations are not a part of our services. If your staging will require the use of an elevator, please be sure to schedule and reserve use of the elevator from 9:00am to 6:00pm and pay any moving fees associated with the use of elevator.

- Staging Day: We strongly recommend that you, your friends, family, Realtor and any other trades are not on site during the installation process.  Our projects move very fast and we have very little time to discuss the changes we make. Explaining our decision making process to each person that visits the site will cause delays to your schedule. 

  • In order to hang art we will use nails in your walls. We will also patch the holes when we remove the art. If this is not acceptable, please let us know now immediately so that we can provide you with an additional cost for other art hanging methods.

  • All lamps used on the project will be left on timers, they will turn on around 8AM and turn off around 8PM. We use compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs to reduce energy use. If these lamps could be left in the on position throughout the showing process, it would be greatly appreciated.

Why Does Vacant staging work better than occupied?

Our (meaning you and me) biggest concern when staging a home is making sure the buyer will love it. When a home is staged, every last detail is designed specifically for the demographic we have determined to be the most likely buyer. If fact, of all the people who might buy this home, the seller is not one of them. If the house is occupied by the seller, we must make concession after concession to assure that the home meets the seller’s needs while they live there. Every concession we make reduces the appeal to the buyer. If you want a fast sale with the highest price, move out. It’s just that simple.

Why Does Complete staging work better than partial staging?

Staging is very much like a magic trick. Imagine a magician on stage cutting his assistant in half. Once he is through cutting, the assistant is in two parts and the curtains close. The audience is horrified as they have just witnessed a murder. The trick is not in the cutting in half, it is in the putting back together again that incites awe. With home staging, empty rooms half way through a tour leave the viewer feeling duped, uninspired and let down. If staging is worth doing, it’s worth doing all the way.

Can I see Pictures of Spade and Archer’s work?

I have more questions, now what?

Call us! We are in the office Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:00pm. You can leave a message any time at the phone number or email below for the location closest to you. If phones or email just aren’t your thing, click on any of the social media icons below. We monitor them all the time and we will respond quickly.