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Concern for the environment is a priority... even when staging a home.

Each and every day, we, like you, wake up and look at ourselves in the mirror. If we failed, on a daily basis, to stage homes in an environmentally conscious manner, we would not be able to look ourselves in the eye.

Whether we are sourcing products, or purchasing vehicles for our designers to travel to your home, we are thinking deeply about how what we are doing is affecting the earth. We know that the best way to stage a home beautifully is to do so in a conscious, sustainable way. 

Environmental leadership

Our founder is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional and implements environmentally conscious business practices throughout Spade and Archer. 

Our most recent innovations include:

  • Providing screen based devices to all our employees

  • Online booking and payments systems

  • A web based inventory tracking system

These innovations reduced our paper usage by 90% over the course of a year. This not only reduces the destruction of beautiful forests, it also reduces our reliance on landfills and the energy needed to run our business. 

REDUCING Product Miles

Spade and Archer stages homes using either vintage or locally made furniture. By doing so, we aim to reduce the “product miles” of each item. While it would be cheaper to buy Chinese made furniture, it would be lower quality, filled with dangerous chemicals, and would not support our local economy. Doing so would also ultimately add to the amount of furniture being thrown away. Lower quality furniture will not last as long as the beautiful, locally made pieces we use with our clients.


We love taking otherwise useless or broken items and reworking them to find a new place in our inventory. Tired outdoor furniture may find a new life as a picture frame. The inner workings of a vintage radio can become filler for an empty bowl. By avoiding throwing these seemingly useless items away, we are able to reduce our impact even further.

Fuel Reduction

Every day, our design consultants drive long distances to visit projects. By supplying hybrid vehicles in our company fleet, we significantly reduce our fuel consumption. Not only are we able to minimize our carbon footprint on the earth, we save money in doing so.

giving back to the Community

Instead of trying to make an extra buck by selling our products in massive parking lot sales, we donate excess inventory to non-profit organizations like Community Warehouse or Humble Design. We also participate annually in a number of community based events, such as The Chair Affair and Serving up Style.