4 Easy Tips to Boost Curb Appeal Immediately


When selling your house, the exterior is usually the very first thing a prospective buyer will see. There are four main areas you should concentrate your energy to instantly boost curb appeal.

#1 Visible Address Numbers
Make sure your address numbers can be read from the street. If your house is hard to find, people will leave without buying. Your address numbers need to be in a contrasting color and well-lit so it can be easily read from the street both day and night.    

#2 Easy Entry
Getting into the home should be simple. If your house is hard to get into, people will walk into your home frustrated. Does the lock set work well without any additional instructions? If not, then it’s time to get it repaired or replaced. If the listing notes need to spell out complicated directions like, “Pull up and to the left to get the deadbolt open,” then you have a problem. Also, get rid of your screen door! I have never seen a screen door that was better looking than the door behind it. The screen door also can make for an awkward entry sequence when attempting to get the key out of the lock box while holding the screen door open. 


#3 Maintained Landscaping
Landscaping should be up to snuff. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t need to be Versailles but it also should not be Sanford and Sons. Start by removing all lawn decorations. Your landscape should only consist of nicely-manicured grass, shrubbery or plants.  All weeds should be pulled and fresh mulch (the kind without manure) should be spread in all the beds for a fresh and taken-care-of look. 

#4 Fresh Paint
Make sure there is no evidence of peeling paint on the siding or faded stain on the decks. If needed, scrape, prepare, prime and paint all exterior surfaces so that the house looks easy to maintain for the future buyer.