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Here is how it works: for any project, you or your seller place a small deposit of $750 to hold installation and destage dates... the rest is paid out of closing. The price is the same, no matter how big the property, or how long it's staged. If the property does not sell, and is taken off the market after the 90 day staging agreement is complete, we simply remove the furniture and return the deposit. Thus the name, “Guaranteed.” 

  • Our goals... aligned with yours. “Time on market” is everything for sellers and listing agents, each additional day on the market is one more dollar lost. The opposite is true with any other home staging company, the longer the project is staged, the more they get paid. They will still be paid even if your home fails to sell. This concept is in direct opposition to your goals and frankly, out of date. Our goals are now aligned with yours... we don’t get paid unless you sell your house.
  • You only pay scheduling deposits up front. It just takes a small deposit to hold the installation and removal dates. No matter how long you keep the staging, the price remains the same. We guarantee our work so Spade and Archer takes our payment from closing, once the transaction is complete.
  • No risk.  At the end of our agreement, if you decide to remove the property from the market, we will simply remove the home staging, sweep the floors, refund your scheduling deposits and move on. If your project doesn’t sell, we don’t get paid.  We win together and sometimes, we lose together. Thats what being a team is all about.

  • Your decision, made easy. Because Spade and Archer only gets paid when you get paid... you no longer need to sacrifice quality or quantity based on a gamble.  Now that staging is guaranteed, the answer is easy. 

THings you will never have to do again:

You will never again need to decide “how many rooms to stage.”

    •    Guaranteed is a full house staging every time because a full house staging is our fastest selling product every time.

You will never again need to risk an "early destage."

    •    Guaranteed is the same price no matter how long it is staged, we won’t destage until the last possible day. 

You will never again need to loose money on a "sale fail”. 

    •    With Guaranteed, if your project doesn’t sell, you don’t pay us, we simply remove our furniture, return your deposits and walk away. 

You will never again need to “hedge your bets” on staging. 

    •    Guaranteed is a sure thing, every time or your money back. 

You will never again need to go into credit card debt and “cross your fingers” that the house staging works. 

    •    With Guaranteed, payment comes out of escrow. 

You will never again need to higher a low quality stager because of a lack of funds on hand.

    •    The initial deposit for Spade and Archer, Guaranteed is far lower than any other home stager.




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