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Spade and Archer provides and designs all interior furnishings, art, accessories and linens. If your project will be vacant when it is ready to go on the market, then staging will be the best course of action. The following is the process for a staging project: 

Connect: Click on the "BOOK A CONSULTATION" button below, find a date and time that work well for you and fill out the form.

Consultation: A Spade and Archer design manager will come to you, free of charge, to listen to your concerns and provide you with solid advice on how you can best prepare your home for market.

Pricing: Spade and Archer will send both Guaranteed and Pay Up Front  custom tailored pricing for the services we can provide for your home.

Initiation: Let us know how you would like to proceed. We will hold a date for you and prepare the necessary documentation.

Project day: Spade and Archer will arrive to stage the entire house. Upon your return, you will experience how a buyer will view your home for the first time.

De-staging: Once all the contingencies are removed from your sale, call us and we will arrive to remove all the staged items and discreetly patch all nail holes left from hanging art.