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About Spade and Archer

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★★★★★ “Spade and Archer has truly mastered the art of staging... Not only are they capable of turning otherwise forgettable rooms into beautiful living spaces, but each of their associates is such a pleasure to work with. No other staging company compares in terms of both process and aesthetic. They know exactly how to interact with clients, they install to absolute perfection, and they coordinate everything with such ease that from the moment an appointment is booked, I know I can trust them to handle the rest. I cannot recommend them highly enough and after working with multiple companies in the Portland area, I can confidently say Spade and Archer is the best!”

Megan E. on Google+ in Portland, Oregon

“Good design cannot exist in the absence of good service.”- Justin Riordan, Founder of Spade and Archer

At Spade and Archer our goal is to provide the absolute best home staging services and pressure our industry to be better on a daily basis. We lead by the example we set.

Before Spade and Archer…

  • Free consultations were rare... most home stagers would charge between $75 and $500 for a consultation. Spade and Archer has offered free consultations since we first opened.

  • Home stagers relied on all new furnishings from stores like Pottery Barn or Pier One. Which made the homes look contrived, and fake. Spade and Archer uses a mixture of new and vintage furniture, art, and accessories when staging a home.

  • Stagings took days to arrange and execute. Through our pursuit of excellence we are able to offer one day stagings... perfect for the fast paced world of real estate.